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Over the years companies have been exposed to a number of I.T issues, which are constantly evolving. From our experience, we have created a list of I.T support services, to keep companies running efficiently and reducing down time.

Project Manager

If you are looking to begin a larger project, you may want to consider the use of our project managers. They adapt the PRINCE2 method, that emphasises dividing projects into more controllable stages from inception to acceptance.

Infrastructure Support

As your business progresses, you may find that your 1st line support requests escalate. As the intricacies of your requests increase, you would then need the services of our technical infrastructure team.

I.T Supplier Management

Selecting optimal equipment for your company and keeping it running consistently can be difficult. With our experienced panel of consultants, we can provide suggestions on the right products for you and offer consistent management on your behalf.


Document Management

Managing records is never a simple task. Here our technicians will recommend suitable documentation storage facilities, to help you keep on top of your data. They can also suggest additional aids such as applying workflows to help manage appropriate tasks i.e documentation approval.

Non-Executive Director

Sometimes a fresh view point is needed to establish change and progression in a business environment. Our most experienced advisors can offer the role of an external director, to help highlight any issues, provide creative contributions and advice, to help your business move forward.

Web Analytics

Producing a website or webpage is one step, but to keep it successful you need to capitalise on the market research data it provides. Ultx analysts can measure the data to your site and use this as a tool to identify popular trends or even measure the success of advertising campaigns.


Compliance & Security

To help your business run more smoothly, we can ensure that compliance obligations are met and offer a security design of the infrastructure and processes within your company.


Sales/Proposal Support

When tendering for new clients, it’s important to stand out and factor all potential costs into your proposals. If your new customer requires bespoke information security or new software implementation, our advisors will work with you to ensure these amendments are achievable and provide a necessary pricing strategy.

Desktop Support 1st Line

If you need more frequent support from our team, 1st line desktop support could be the option for you. This service includes setting up e-mail accounts, making small alterations to your website and dealing with system alerts.

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