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At ULTX, we know that every company is different and will be in need of a tailor made selection of services. Therefore, we have established a list of services to give you options and options mean paying for only what you need, saving time and money.

I.T Due Diligence

When buying or selling a company, it is recommended that the business you are acquiring is investigated prior to concluding the exchange. Our team would work with you in performing the investigation and highlighting the possible flaws and benefits regarding the I.T infrastructure, software licensing, any bespoke software and current security. This will allow you to deliberate the information in a reflective manner, to make the best decisions going forward

SQL/Data Analytics/Dashboarding

Using your business data to help you plan and improve your business is logical. By evaluating SQL’s from specific areas through the use of data mining, can create dashboards outlining key performance indicators (or KPI’s). These indicators represent specific business processes such as sales/HR/marketing and once reviewed can help organisations gauge how well certain parts of the company are performing.

Enterprise Architecture

An overview of the company as whole is sometimes the best way to see a clear path of action for the future. Each of the 4 areas outlined in this overview are known as the business perspective (day to day running), application perspective (interaction of company processes & standards) information perspective (raw data) and technology perspective (including hardware, networking etc). By breaking down these aspects of your company it can improve adaptability, remove redundant processes and optimise the company assets.

Private Cloud

Storing information securely about your organisation and clients is always a top priority. The use of a public cloud carries additional risks, so our consultants offer to construct private clouds for individual businesses. The benefits not only mean increased security through isolating your data from the public domains, but also extra control as you can specify who has access to it within the company.

Business Analyst

BA roles are to translate your business requirements into technical requirements. These can include creating functional requirements, wireframes (screen layouts) and business cases for your technical projects.

Net Web Development

Whether you’re a large or a small business, our team at Ultx has the ability to suit your website development needs. From a single web page, to a complex website including back-end support systems, our team are here to help.

Search Engine Optimisation

Looking to upgrade your internet marketing strategy? The SEO process may be the next step for you. This is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a web search engine, through the use of keywords used by your target audience.


Source Code Escrow

Paying a licensor to develop a bespoke code can be expensive and carries risks if the licensor was to go bankrupt. At Ultx we can arrange an agreement to store a copy of this code on your behalf, to protect your organisation in the event of the licensor being unable to continue trading.

White Label Services

Obtained a project but need to outsource the I.T services? Consider using Ultx, as we will adapt to suit the needs of specific projects, so you can keep strong business relationships with your clients. We can also offer the use of a helpdesk, so any queries can be resolved quickly and efficiently with a single point of contact.


Each business will require individual telephony needs. Some will need basic inbound/outbound calling, others will need IVRs (e.g. press 1 for xxx), and others may need contact centre functionality. Our aim is to provide you with a scalable solution, which is more cost effective for your business.

Core Infrastructure

Working with you to design a core infrastructure tailored to your business activities. We aim to improve your business efficiency by offering solutions to prevent data loss or delays that using common host servers can incur.

Pay Per Click

Another method of gaining more traffic to your website would be the internet advertising model known as PPC. We would work with your company to prioritise and bid on key word phrases relevant to your target market

Process Re-Engineering & Automation

Looking to enhance your current system processes? By re-designing and identifying automation upgrades, our advisors could save you time, money and reduce the likelihood of human errors.

Web & Software Development

Our experienced developers are responsible for delivering bespoke software such as a website, custom application or a mobile app on request.

E-Mail Hosting

We will review and provide alternatives to your current e-mail arrangements, highlighting the benefits of adapting the number of exchange servers to an optimal level.



To avoid any data loss disasters, we can provide backup strategies both on and offsite to ensure system data is maintained.

We like to give you options

If you need a bit of advice choosing which one, give our friendly advisors a quick call